Ladbrook Park 16.10.17

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Red sky in the morning - shepherd’s warning

Red sky at night - shepherd’s delight

Red sky at midday - shepherd’s house on fire?

The were many theories surrounding the weather phenomenon last Monday mostly attributed to the last blowings of Hurricane Ophelia (or was it O feel ya?) 

The light was the most striking feature and prompted the word Armageddon from many.  The wind, although blustery at times, thankfully failed to fulfil the forecast of 40mph plus.  It certainly didn’t seem detrimental to too many on the par 3’s as 12 two’s were recorded; Chris Wormleighton had two; father and son Peter and Richard Aldridge both had one on the same hole!

Ladbrook Park was in lovely condition.

I was privileged to play the course twice during the summer as a guest of Steve Deehan and Mick Flannaghan and the back 9 has some real thinking-mans golf holes (shame I’m not a thinking man!)  

On the occasion of her birthday, 6 handicap, former county player and Ladbrook member Ann Parry returned to the club to play with her husband Jim.  Ann was most impressed with the improvements made since she last visited. 

The sun came out and Bill Bingham’s happy band of eight travelling golfers were pictured on the terrace doing what they do do best - drinking beer.

The Irish were out in force but seem to have introduced a youth policy. Young Tom Guy is a strapping six footer with a long, languid swing befitting a 6 handicapper.  Tom won the longest drive and he was certainly an asset to the team this week but I wonder if his mother knows he is fraternising on the golf course with the likes of Mick Flannaghan? - It’s all down hill from here young man!

Nearest the pin on 12 was Will Thompson.

Chris Wormleighton was convinced he would win nearest the pin on 8, he was so close. 
However, Nigel Truepenny, who played in the final group, kindly brought in the marker with his own name on it. 

“Wow” I said “You must have been close”  - His three team mates fell about laughing. When I enquired as to the cause of their mirth they told me he had missed the put for a two!  I of course vowed not to embarrass Nigel by mentioning it in the report.

John Badham talked to me about the unpleasant incident last month at Walmley and told me not to worry.  Some years ago, he was on an amateur sport disciplinary committee and on one occasion had to impose a ten year ban on two players for fighting during a match. 

“Footballers?” I asked him;

“No” said John “It was a crown-green bowls county match and the two men involved had a combined age of 135!”  There is hope for golf yet.

Mick O’Driscoll had to drop out of Larry Doherty’s team at the last minute to attend to a family problem and we wish his daughter a speedy recovery.

Will Spiers sent me a gushing, unreserved and fully acceptable apology for his inability to get to the event from Gloucestershire - I look forward to seeing you at Forest of Arden next month Will. It’s a shame you missed Ladbrook, you would have been in the winning team with Peter and Richard Aldridge and Teetours virgin Roy Hawkins. I gave then the Proscore in your place but they were playing so well they only used it on four holes.  I told them they were still better off as you rarely come in on more that four holes anyway.

An interesting and often misunderstood golf rule came into question on Monday. One of the players asked to have the flag attended.  His playing partners told him he could not because he was not on the green.   I’m sorry fellas - you are wrong.  Rule 17-1 states:

“from anywhere on the course, the player may have the flagstick attended, removed or held up to indicate the position of the hole”

Notwithstanding the odd rules discrepancy a good day was had by all. 

Thanks for your support.


Player Pairings 





Richard Aldridge; Peter Aldridge; Roy Hawkins; Proscore.



Moulin a Vent Domaine La Rancha


Larry Doherty; S.McNabola; Anglo Uva; Mick O'Driscoll



Siegel Special Reserve Carmenere


Steve Fountain; Charles Dodd, Fred Ainsworth; Phil Wilson



Siegel Special Reserve Carmenere


Mick Flannaghan; John Badham; Tom Guy; Tony Babalerro



Siegel Special Reserve Carmenere


Dave Rogers; James Rogers; Lewis Bull; Proscore




Chris Bartlett; Harry Kenth; Ross Timmins; Jason Stokes



Chris Johnson; Tony Boyer; Nigel Truepenny & Steve Dingley


Jon Hill; Mark Davis; Robert Hill; Terry Hill


Alan McPeake Darren George Wayne Moore Ken storey


Jim Clarkson,Peter Cobham,Phil Sherwood; Alan Pratt


Dave Willmore; Will Thompson; Tony Fearing & Stuart Bond


Russ Moore; Steve Gee; Kevin Thompson; Jim Davey


Bill Bingham Geoff Mace, Arthur Ball, Dave Griffiths,


Peter Romyn, Martin Davis,Derek Pedley and Steve Watson


Mike Perry; Alex Scott; Allan Simmonds; Chris Wormleighton


Steve Andrews; Mike Myers; Alan Symes; Mike Maglinchy


Tim Parry; Anne Parry; Jim O'Halleran; Wendy Georgeson


Murray Sowerbutts, Chris Kerridge, Mark Butler, Rob Wright


Brain Reynolds; Mark Craythorne x 3  & Gary Ford


Alan Morley;  Tony Clemence; Robin Upton Steve Smytheman


Richard Hoskin; John Strickland, Paul Rose, Paul Salisbury


Tom Guy

Longest Drive

Carta Rioja Crianza Jumilla

Nigel Trupenny

Nearest pin 8

Carta Rioja Crianza Jumilla

Will Thompson

Nearest pin 12

Carta Rioja Crianza Jumilla

Two’s - Paid in  Harvest Pale 500cl bottles or 750cl bottles of wine.

Steve Fountaine; Will Thompson; Bill Bingham; Arthur Ball; Kevin Cooper; Mark Davis; Richard Aldridge; Peter Aldridge; Angelo Uva; Mike Perry; Chris Wormleighton x 2