Edgabston 22.10.20

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From the centre of Nottingham on Friday to the centre of Birmingham yesterday. Two beautiful parkland courses, both of which belie the fact that they are so close to their relative city centres. 

The course at Edgbaston sweeps away from the perfect proportions of a grade 2 listed Georgian clubhouse, which has been recently, and very sympathetically, internally redecorated to give a contemporary, practical, welcoming feel that players rarely want to leave after their round.

After early light rain at 7 o’clock, the skies cleared.  The only umbrella employed all day was used in a fishing context (more to follow)! 

By midday the sunshine broke through, prompting many to remark how well the weather had been organised (I wish I was that well connected).

However, along with the sun was a wind, that vacillated between one and three clubs in strength, making judgement and scoring difficult for some; the usual winning total of something in the low nineties was not to be.

I had to appeal for single players early yesterday morning. This was due to a couple of injuries and a couple having to isolate while waiting for the outcome of a Covid test (or they were hiding from the authorities.)

Fortunately, Kevin Rhodes and Grant Guffogg stepped in to make up teams. Kevin made a much appreciated contribution to Tirin Gosrani’s team score of 81.  Grant, a 2 handicapper from Walsall GC, had a cracking round of 68 which included four birdies, a two and the longest drive on hole 9.  

Several Teetours virgins made their debut, including a full team headed up by David Moodie and Stefan Skibicki from The Chase GC - I hope they become regulars.  Whether Mark Boswell ever returns, after witnessing the antics of his team, remains to be seen (more to follow)!

I know it’s a pain in the neck to comply with the current Covid guidance but we have to do it if we want to carry on playing.  At the moment, we all have to be at separate tables in the clubhouse - and we can’t keep claiming to be gay just to sit together. Anyway, it’s easier to put on a mask than makeup - trust me (it’s a phase I’ve grown out of now)

Chris Hobbs, Darron Henn and Richard Handy didn’t have to rely on their proscore too heavily to card 83 for a fourth place. 

Dave Rogers’ team drafted in Aldridge Artisan, Steve Champion to help them score 84 for third place. 

Injured Nigel Truepenny was missing from the regular team of Alan Pratt, Steve Dingley and top Teetours scouser Jim Clarkson but replacement Keith Southall helped them to a second place with 85.  

Despite winning nearest the pin on 14 but missing the putt of less than twelve inches, Stevie Neale was still in top spot with Steve Andrews, Mike Myers and Simon Wingfield who carded 87 points.

I have already requested a return to Edgbaston in the Autumn and I will let you know when I get a date.

Unfortunate chump of the day award:

Golf trolleys become ever more technologically complex. Basic electric ones are now seen as the Dacia Duster of the range - they do the job but nothing fancy.  If you want the Bentley equivalent, the latest Stewart X 9, which is bluetooth connected and follows you round the course like a well-trained gun dog, you will pay about £1,500. 

During the round yesterday, I received a phone call from Hugh McLean, who was out on the course:
"Could I get a long-handled rake delivered down to the 13th hole for Alan Hope. It was needed to try and retrieve his mobile phone, credit card and money from the deep stream that you cross on the dogleg par 4.  The contents of his bag having spilled into the steam when his trolley had inadvertently dropped in."

All the rakes were locked up in the greenkeepers' shed. The only thing I could locate was a long-handled broom, with which I duly set off.  The broom turned out to be useless; as was Alan’s umbrella - used a make-shift trawler net.

While walking down, I was wondering at the complexity of Alan’s machine, which I presumed must have slipped its technological moorings and, like a demonic robot from a sci-fi horror movie, attempted to commit golf-trolley suicide by drowning or electrocution.

No, I was completely wrong. The trolley in question was not complex, it wasn’t even electric!  It was a push trolley that, due to operator error, had not had its brake applied, on a slope, in front of a steam.

Afterwards, as I sat having a beer on the terrace outside with Alan, Hugh and team captain Chris Wormleighton, a good laugh was had by all.  But Alan was the one who had the last laugh.  He had three winning bottles of wine in front of him and he offered to buy us all a pint, which we accepted. However, because only payments by card are accepted, Hugh had to pay for the beer. 

Alan - You win “Chump of The Day” award and I hope your new book “How To Avoid Buying A Round” is a best seller.

Thanks for your support







Steve Andrews 13 Simon Wingfield 5 Mike Myers 11 Stevie Neal 10




Alan Pratt 21 Keith Southall 19 Steve Dingley 13 Jim Clarkson 15




Dave Rogers 9 James Rogers 19 Steve Champion Lewis Bull




Chris Hobbs 11 Darron Henn 5 Richard Handy 14 Proscore 




Chris Wormleighton 6 Alan Hope 14 Hugh McClean 20




Dave Hewitt 13 Dave Thomas 10 Steve Watson 17 Martin Davis 13




Tirin Gosrani 13 Duncan Spalding 7 Andy Vernon 6 Kevin Rhodes 12



Lee Jeniec 12 David Parry 21 Martin Hatt 11 Grant Guffog 2



Martin Dunn 14 Eamon Revill 16 Charlie Spear 25 Steve Faulkner 14



Keith Groom 10 Chris Jones 10 Tony Stacey 9 Steve Coates 7



William Noonan 9 Dennis Palmer 13 Gary Thompson 13 Kewel Uppal 10



David Moodie 12 Stefan Skibicki 14 Mark Godridge 12 Jon Parkes 5



Tony Davis 15 Phil Holmes 11 Gary Dorricott 15 Pete Poterajko 14



Steve Sear 13 Colin Harness 15 Lyn Griffiths 15 Gavin Le Chat 15



Mark Davis 13 Jordan Berry 19 Andy Bennett 12 Andy Flood 17



Mervyn Hopton 18 Rob Burke 17 Geoff Clarke 13 Phil Sermon 14



Tim Evans 13 Kelvin Price 12 Ade Spencer 10 Martin Hipkiss 15



Simon Lincoln 11 Margaret Lincoln 26 Kevin Knight 11 Jacquie Knight 13



Colin Barnard 18 Geoff Charlton 18 Chris Bartlett  Paul Jones



Alan Topping 20 Steve Cooper 18  Richard Minor 16 John Butler 21


Grant Guffog

Longest Drive 9

Stevie Neale 

Nearest pin 14

Peter Poterajko

Nearest pin 16


Grant Guffog; Steve Faulkner; Steve Andrews; Andy Vernon; Geoff Clarke; Phil Sermon; Alan Hope x 2