Beau Desert 26.10.21

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When I arrived at Beau last month, I took the prize markers out and managed to get the buggy stuck. When leaving my barge to set off for Beau this month I dropped my phone in the river.  (That is why I was taking the photos on my iPad - Chump of the Day award again!)  

Consequently, I spent yesterday morning sorting out a new phone and SIM card. I have now retrieved the old phone from its would-be watery grave and it is sitting in a bowl of rice by the log burner - whether it ever works again remains to be seen.

There were a number of Teetour's virgins and a number who had not played Beau before. As usual, they were not disappointed and the now customary plaudits, for this beautiful course, were once again in abundance.  The layout of the course with its natural heathland features are perfectly complimented by the serenity of Cannock Chase and the magnificent woodland views to be enjoyed while playing.

In order to enhance the enjoyment of winter golf,  we have now adopted Teetours winter rules; which will be standard until the end of April:

The ball may be lifted, cleaned and replaced, within six inches, no nearer the hole, throughout the General Area.  This used to be called “Through the green” It means the whole golf course apart from the hazards.  

Some of the players I caught up with on Tuesday obviously thought that because they could pick clean and place their ball anywhere on the course, they should explore all the eventualities that this presented.  No gentlemen! Just because you can go into the wooded depths doesn’t preclude you from using the fairways.

There was a lovely, friendly rivalry between Alan Hope’s team and John Poole’s team, which included Lee Jeniec, who put in a very steady performance as a late stand in.  As John’s team approached the 18th, their every move was being scrutinised by Alan’s team who had already finished their round, with a smugly respectable 85, and were assembled in the bar overlooking the finishing hole. 

John’s team included his namesake Gary Poole, who’s deluded ambition to carry his second shot 250 yards over the heather was unfortunately let down by the dreaded  LOFT (Lack of Frigging Talent).  Much to the amusement of the clubhouse onlookers, his hack out of the heather into the greenside bunker sealed his fate as a non-scorer on the hole where all four counted.  Gary’s day went further down hill when he found out his wife had been out in his Mercedes and “curbed” the alloys. Fortunately, Gary is very good natured and a delight to have on a golf day whatever befalls him.   The final mention in this saga must go to the fourth member of John’s team - Neville Townsend.  Neville’s birdie putt on 18 silenced the cackling gallery.  From twelve feet above the hole, on the notorious sloping green that moved it two foot from the left, it was perfectly judged and dropped into the cup without touching the sides.  Definitely one to remember Neville.

Scratch player John Hale rightly took home the prize for longest drive.

Grahaeme Dodge and Dave Middleton were this week’s par 3 specialists.

Once again the greens protected the scores at Beau - if you can putt here you can putt anywhere.

With all four to count on 18 top slot is normally taken by a team with ninety something - but not this week; 89 was good enough.

Just for record:

Dave Hewitt very benevolently offered to take two prizes,  won at Ladbrook last week,  for fellow Walmley member Thomas Eustace.

Thomas - please see photographic evidence below that your prizes were given to Mr Hewitt UNOPENED. (Photo courtesy of Kevin Cooper) 


Player Pairings 





Dave Rogers 9.3 James Rogers 14.6 Lewis Bull 11.6 Martin Dunn 15.2




David Hewitt 13.8 Steve Watson 18.3 Kevin Cooper 16.6 Mark Roche 17.9




Rob Oakes 6.8 Ian Martin 13.8 Henry Oakes 18.2 Chris Gray 12.3




Alan Hope 7.6 Bill Stubbins 6.0 Chris Wormleighton 4.4 Alan Milburn 13.3




Ian Jagger 7.5 Terry Harris 10.7 John Hale 0.1 Chris Smith 7.4




Steve Upton 10.4 Grahaeme Dodge 6.3 David Yarranton 11.3 Derek Skett 8.6




Brian Ahmed 9.6 Jim Davey 9.4 Mark Pearson 6.0 Martin Crossland 11.7



David Middleton 6.4 Martin Dickinson 5.3 Bill Boyd 9.7 Andy Boyd 12.7



Robert Hill 17.7 Terry Hill 18.2 Will Brewin 10.1 Mark Davis 14.4



John Poole 10.2 Garry Poole 9.9 Neville Townsend 12.6 Lee Jeniec 10.3



Rob Morgan 11.4 Adrian Spencer 9.6 Pete Williams 7.6 Gem Clarke 10.6



Dave Benbow 14.8 Steve Turner 9.6 Robin Fenn 7.7 Simon Woolley 12.1



Guy Mucklow 9.8 Allister Smith 7.6 Graham Hubbard 9.7 Martin Gummery 14.0



Charlie Spear 22.5 Anthony Omo-Dare 15.9 Adrian Penny 11.2 Andrew Bryan 9.4


Grahaeme Dodge

Nearest pin 10

Dave Middleton

Nearest pin 16

John Hale

Longest Drive 6


Mark Roche; Grahaeme Dodge x 2; Mark Davis; Ian Jagger; Jim Davey; Ian Martin.

Prizes for the top 5 teams; Nearest the Pin, Longest Drive and all 2’s