Walmley 28.9.21

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Because the entrance is via a quiet, leafy, desirable but not imposing, suburb of Royal Sutton Coldfield, it doesn’t feel as though you are arriving somewhere special like Hollinwell. The course isn’t especially long; it is not daunting. But it’s a super layout and everyone loves Walmley!  

It is inviting and presented magnificently. The definition of the fairways can only described as mowing artwork.  The aprons to the greens are beautiful. The greens are rapid, subtle and perfect - (they were still fast when they were wet). Three puts were common and the downfall of many.  But I’ll say it again - Everyone loves Walmley!  A hidden gem if ever there was one.

I don’t think I am being unkind when I say the clubhouse is tired. The members know it and, following many years of frustration, while seeking an affordable solution, they seem to have found one.  Work to completely gut the existing structure and totally refurbish it starts early in the new year (subject to approval from a lackluster planning department at Birmingham City Council - no surprise there then)

I sincerely hope the outcome of the refurbishment is everything they hope it will be because that course deserves a lovely clubhouse.

There are a good number of Walmley members who are also Teetours members and I think they are representative of the friendly, welcoming nature of the club.  One of the first people to greet me yesterday morning was the Captain.  Not dressed in a blazer and tie, but in his working gear because he was busy doing jobs at the club.  To relieve the pressure on parking, with so many visitors, he insisted I put my car in his designated space for the day - admirable!

The first groups out got round in the dry but it started to rain about 2pm and I felt genuinely sorry for the last groups, who are true golfers and I am proud to know them.

We are booked in for Walmley next September when I hope the sunshine will welcome us to the new clubhouse.

Ingenious-Man-of-the-Match award goes to Ben Gilg (two-handicap hard-working member of Shifnal). Ben has been a regular member of Teetours for the last five years and usually plays with his mates who are also single-figure, county players.  He was one of the last to submit his team and I was a little surprised at the names: Peter Heath and his lovely wife Stephanie (aka the long-suffering Mrs Heath) and last but by no means least, Clare (aka the long-suffering Mrs Gilg) 

Ben confessed in a quiet moment that he had completely forgotten about the Walmley booking, omitted to put it in his diary and was shocked to see his name on the list when he received the roll call.  He obviously enticed Clare to a day out and persuaded Peter Heath to do the same. Well done Ben! I hope you make the same mistake again because the ladies were a charming addition to Teetours Totty.






Martin Dunn 15.2 Richard Tart 8.9 Eamon Revill 16.4 Greg Revill 1.3




Kevin Evans 17.8 Lewis Bull 11.8 Adrian McCart 15.7 Ian Edwards 23.6




Brian Preece 16.2 Matt Preece 13.2 Mike Whitehouse 11.4




Mel Corfield 21.9 Tam Redpath 23.0 Brian Bateman 17.3




Jonathan Avill 13.5 Derek Davies 10.4 Al Swift 11.5




Neil Barnfield 10.2 John Bateman 20.4 Paul Breslin 12.3 Allan Tubb 9.8



Mervyn Hopton 17.9 Rob Burke 16.6 Geoff Clarke 12.5 Phil Sermon 12.5


Tom Butlin 11.4 Steve Lawrence 6.7 Tim Mason 11.8 Grant Southall 14


Steve Bennett 8.4 Stevie Neale 0.2 Mike Myers 8.5 Simon Wingfield 3.1


Charlie Spear 22.7 Martin Furber 15.7 Barry Adams 15.7 John Ward 10.2


Carl Mander 2.1 Martyn Pearce 7.3 Stuart Murray 11.3 Geoff Davies 18.2


Clive Crocker 11.4 Warren Taylor Peter 16.6 Shieff 13.3 Malcolm Amatt 11.0


John Poole 10.7 Bill Stubbins 6.6 Alan Hope 7.7 Garry Poole 9.9


Dave Yarranton 10.7 Grahaeme Dodge 4.9 Steven Upton 10.7 Derek Skett 8.6


Mark Rose 9.2 Paul Morgan 8.7 Joe Clarke 16.6 Rob Parkes 5


Phill Adcock 3.5 Tony Stacey 7.8 John Langley 6.3 Mark Harris 8.0


Martin Gadsby 8.8 Glyn Douglas 15.1 Steve Bradley 10.1 Bob Maxwell 23.5


Martin Dickinson 5.4, Andy Boyd 13.2, David Middleton 6.9 Chris Wormleighton 4.5


Chris Hobbs 12.4 Keith Southall 16.8 Al Beckford 17.9 Neil Mallett 6.4


Martin Gadsby 8.8 Glyn Douglas 15.1 Steve Bradley 10.1 Bob Maxwell 23.5


Colin Barnard 15.3 Geoff Charlton 18.6 Alan Logie 13.3 Nigel Taylor 15.8


Ben Gilg 2.0 Clare Gilg 27.0 Peter Heath 7.5 Stephanie Heath 14.9


Tirin Gosrani 11.1 Andy Vernon 3.6 Duncan Spalding 4.9 David Drury 14.0


Shaun Jenkinson 15.6 A.Butters 17.3 James Sutton 11.3 Andy Sutton 15.3


Stewart Wardrop 16.3 Hanif Bhula 13.0 Peter Smith 14.7 Roger Hanks 15.3


Ray Ebberley 16.5 Kevin Doherty 9.8 Tony Butler 15.1 Stewart Fairweather 21.0


Steve Turner 8.8 Paul Lester 11.6 Dave Benbow 15.2 Simon Woolley 12.4


James Sutton

Long Drive 14

Derek Davies

Nearest pin 5

Charlie Spear

Nearest pin 18


Glyn Douglas; Derek Skett; Sean Jenkinson; Charlei Spear; Neil Barnfield; Derek Davies; Simon Wingfield; Phil Adcock.

Prizes for the top 5 teams; Nearest the Pin, Longest Drive and all 2’s