Walmley Results - 23.5.18

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As I sat in the clubhouse yesterday evening, looking down the manicured first fairway there was an overwhelming urge to walk out and hit a ball, so inviting was the spectacle. The whole course was immaculately presented.

At least half the field had never played Walmley before and many more had not been for years. Even I was amazed as the eulogy of praise for the course, not just the condition but the interesting layout. “Amazing!”  “Birmingham’s best kept golfing secret!”  “I could cheerfully play here every day!”

Looking at the plans for the future, things are set to improve further. A current application, for residential development on the existing practice area,  will fund the complete refurbishment of the clubhouse and build a very modern, golf academy with extensive, short-game training facilities.  This is not only for members but also local schools and colleges; a move that is much needed to take golf to the younger generation; thus encouraging them to be outside exercising, rather than inside looking at a screen. Hopefully, that will bring forth another generation of serious athletes - just like you!

73 players took part in Teetours first Texas scramble. It is a format we will repeat in the future because it promotes real team spirit and put smiles on faces. There was no greater evidence of this than the winning team; all four entered as single players and only two had ever met before. After the round, they all sat in the bar discussing which events to enter together; the true spirit of the game.

I love to watch the debate among Texas scramble teams, especially on the par three’s, about which ball to take - the decision making process is fascinating and sometimes surprising. 

We are returning to Walmley in September for those who would like to sample the delights. 

It was good to see scratch golfer Dave Willmore out again following several weeks layoff with a bad back. He attributes the ailment to carrying his partners round in team competitions but I think he is at that difficult age, where the desire to hang on to his youth prevents him accepting the need to put his bag on a trolley, like the rest of us seniors. 

Walmley and Teetours member, Derek Cooper leaves next week for life near Mihas, on the Costa Del Sol. When I asked if it was last winter that had made his mind up to move he said

“No - I just want a big pair of proper Spanish maracas” Sadly Derek, the NHS isn’t quite as good out there and you might have to go private for that!  

His normal team mate, Roger Partridge, was telling me about the latest set of repairs to his electric trolley; given the number of new parts it’s had,  it sounds like Trigger’s brush.  Maybe Derek and Dave Willmore need to see if they can get a bogof on two new ones?

The warm May sunshine meant that mens shorts were much in vogue (which may have frightened of the ladies as there was a distinct lack of Teetours Totty at this event).


Player Pairings 




Stewart Fairweather; Peter Bryant; Tony Boyer; Gary Ferrar


2013 Hautes -Cotes de Nuits


Chris Johnson; Ian Martin; Liam Green; Luke Fenton


2014 Il Tauro Salice Silentino


Mike Smith; Tony Clements; Lee Hill; Robin Upton


2014 Il Tauro Salice Silentino


Rob Hawthorne; Chris Turner; Richard Colwell; Chris Welsh


2014 Il Tauro Salice Silentino


Steve Deehan; Mick Flannaghan; Jack Badham; Bill Cutler


2014 Il Tauro Salice Silentino


John Poole; Paul Burke; Neville Townsend; Martin Walker


Nigel Truepenny; Steve Dingley, Alan Pratt; Jim Clarkson


Dave Yarranton; Grahaeme Dodge; Nigel Taylor; Steve Upton


Alan McPeake Ken Storey; Wayne Moore; Andy Page


Kevin Riggs; Jim Caffery; Steve Parkes;


Barrie Hope; Steve Baylis; Richard Higgs


Dave Willmore; John Hall; Tim Down


John Greene; Bob Hateley; Kevin Rhodes; Angel Rodriguez


Phil Wilson; Fred Ainsworth; Jonny Johnson; Dave Cartridge


Jon Hill; Mark Davis; Robert Hill; Terry Hill;


Dave Rogers; James Rogers; Lewis Bull; Adrian Harris


Graham Swinney; Rob Burke; Brian Preece; Iain Lawley


Paul Essom; Graham Bull, Paul Gardner; Steve Silk


Graham Denny; Graham Fairhall; Phil Rowbottom; Paul Mason