Moor Hall 4.4.22

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It was always my hope that we would have an event at Moor Hall, so it was a pleasure yesterday to be there for the first time.

Having not been to the club for a few years,  my first reaction on arrival was one of admiration,  for the redesign of the professionals shop, which was recently completed. Cameron and his assistant Al, could not be more helpful and I am delighted they have such a super, new working environment.

However, we live in a nasty world! About 4.30 yesterday afternoon the shop was raided by four youths in an SUV. They escaped with approximately 32 items of this season’s Hugo Boss clothing. If anyone sees items being offered on social media please contact Cameron at Moor Hall professional shop.

Special mention for heroics goes to Geoff Tibbetts, who witness the robbery as he and Lyndon Tyler were coming off the 18th. Geoff made an attempt to stop the thieves; - not a practice I would advocate and very fortunately no harm came to Geoff.

The newly refurbished lounge in the clubhouse is equally as impressive as the professional shop. It’s a lovely place to enjoy a few drinks after golf, overlooking the 18th green - and the staff are seriously helpful.

The weather was not brilliant, with a gentle drizzle drifting in and out during the course of the day. This meant the greens were continually wet and made for testing putting.

The course is good, with a gentle undulation here and there, an interesting layout,  an abundance of beautiful trees, of many and varied species, and surrounded by beautiful properties (that I couldn’t afford to heat - never mind buy!).

The Backnine is definitely harder than the front and the back five closing holes are a serious test of golf.   My old friend from Sickleholme Golf Club, Jonathan Avill, was impressed enough to book his Past Captains’ away trip to Moor Hall, for two days in August.

On the fashion front, Hugh McClean has had his first haircut since the start of lockdown and John Bateman opted for a retro-look, with his treasured orange Wentworth sweater over a bright yellow shirt;  prompting his team captain, Neil Barnfield to name him “The Refresher”.

4 Handicap Martin Kirkbride is becoming a bit of a super sub:  Three weeks ago, at Hollinwell, he made up a team and helped them to second place. Yesterday he was seconded to Michael Whitehouse’s team and once again secured a podium finish. (I’m thinking of auctioning him off on a weekly basis.)

Many thanks to Anne Wardle from Walmley,  who stepped in to make up a team, after a late call up at 10pm on Sunday night.  Coming in on the card no less than 12 times, she did her bit to secure 5th place - definitely Teetours Super-Totty.

Another talented lady golfer, young Kerry Hobbs (8.2) from Gaudet Luce, birdied four holes to make a massive contribution to the team taking top slot with 96 points. Impressive stuff from a team with a combined handicap of 39.


Player Pairings 




Chris Hobbs 10.2 Darron Henn 4.3 Al Beckford 16.9 Kerry Hobbs 8.2




Carl Mander 2.0 Stewart Murray 12.4 Byron Cowan 17.0 Liam Brown 13.6




Michael Whitehouse 9.9 Matt Preece 11.7 Brian Preece 17.7 Martin Kirkbride 4.3




John Avill 20.7 Martin Crosthwaite 22.8 Jonathan Avill 13.5 Andy Naylor 6.0




John Quinn  19.3 Andy Gibbins 25.8 Eddie Harvey 7.8 Anne Wardle 13.8




Dave Rogers 9.3 James Rogers 15.4 Lew Bull 11.6 Ryan Nicholls 10.6



Tim Worley 13.4 Phil Beswick 8.4 Nick Harrold 16.6 Rob Eynon 19.2


Derek Pedley 15.2 Kevin Cooper 16.6 David Hewitt 14.8 Martin Davis 11.8


Martin Gadsby 8.2 Glyn Douglas 10.8 Mark Geal 15.7 Philip Ufton 13.0


John Poole 12.6 David James 11.4 John Mann 9.4 Dave Middleton 6.5


Martin Dunn 15.2 Richard Tart 8.5 Eamon Revill 16.1 Steve Morris 12.6


Gary Ferrar 12.1 Dave Pye 20.1 Stuart Bond 10 Nick Arden 14.7


Adrian Penny 11.2 Dave Orme 10.2 Geoff Owen 7.9 Tom Murray 10.6


Lyndon Tyler 17.3 Ralph Neale 17.2 Geoff Tibbetts 16.8 Scott Antcliffe 22.2


Guy Mucklow 10.8 Allister Smith 9.1 Graham Hubbard 12.0 Martin Gummery 14.6


Garry Poole 9.9 Bill Stubbins 6.0 Hugh McClean 14.5 Chris Wormleighton 4.6


Dave Sheppard 3.8 Steve Pritchard. 6.4 Mungo Munro 12.5 Sandy Johnson 5.2


Phill Adcock 4.5 Tony Stacey 8.2 Steve Coates 4.7 Richard Kenward 7.


Nigel Truepenny 12.0 Steve Dingley 8.8 Alan Pratt 25.3 Jim Clarkson 14.1


Dave Clibborn 7.4 Neil Mallett  6.4 Richard Davies  4.7 Chris Bartlett 5.8


Neil Barnfield 10.0 Paul Breslin 9.1 Danny Butler 6.5 John Bateman 20.1


Dean Napper 10.6 Rob Morgan 11.7 Ade Spencer 10.5 Roger Crisp 7.0


Charlie Spear 22 Anthony Omo Dare 16.2 Peter Link 13.6 John Ward 10.2


Dean Pointon 9.7 Roy Everett 9.1 Dave Brierley 10.3 Bill Clifford 20.7


Steve Dingley

Longest Drive

Michael Whitehouse.

Nearest pin 

Eamon Revill

Nearest pin


Ade Spencer, Dave Rogers, Danny Butler, Nick Arden; Stewart Murray, Chris Hobbs, Kery Hobbs x 2, Nick Harrold, Tom Murray.